Virtual Reality Production

Orenda Media Group is an end-to-end VR production agency that listens carefully to your goals and expectations for the project and together with your team we come up with a scenario and provide all the necessary elements for production. Such elements include concept planning, location scouting, shooting, stitching, app development and deployment. Our VR videos can also be produced as traditional video and distributed across many exciting video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

What Is The Immersion Impact Medium?

Virtual Reality IS the immersion impact medium. For the last 100 years, motion pictures have been the most powerful medium known to man… until now. Virtual Reality is the apex of an artistic and technological revolution. By fully immersing the viewer in a 360º 3D environment, with binaural sound that can pitch and throw from any direction, VR has the potential to become the ultimate storytelling device.

We Live.


Ever watched a video of a concert? Sure, it’s nice, but it’s not quite like being there. That’s why artists like Coldplay and Paul McCartney have started to partner with VR companies to broadcast their concerts in ways that make fans feel like they’re not just in the front row, but right there on the stage. In your living room one moment, standing next to a rock star the next – a dream come true in VR. Imagine meeting your best friend for a sold-out Broadway opening… only neither of you is in New York… or physically with each other. Ever wanted to see the Mona Lisa up close? Or The Sistine Chapel in Rome? Or the Great Pyramids in Egypt? VR allows you a surprising visceral experience of what it is like. 

Success Is Where Preparation And Opportunity Meet…

Sony, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Apple, GoPro… These are just a handful of the mega companies investing billion$ in virtual reality technology. Thanks to these companies and the thinkers and creators of the past, the process of production in the VR platform will occur faster than it ever has before in television or film. This, in turn, is laying the foundation for a surge in VR content that will shape the medium and usher in a new wave of VR developers. The chance to shape a new medium happens once per generation. That chance is NOW.

Who Is The Audience?

Because the applications for VR are limitless… the audience will be limitless. What VR can do when it comes to replicating real environments or helping to concoct new ones is solely based on human imagination. For example… 

  • In the classroom students will experience content instead of just watching it. It is a new kind of media that engages the students and gives them the ability to explore and learn with an interactive experience.

  • The retirement community will have the chance that might otherwise not be possible to re-visit or see for the first time wonders around the world in the form of travel and adventure series.

  • Music fans will be able to have unprecedented access to their favorite acts from vantage points that were never before possible.