What we do

Negotiating your rights and costs is where the rubber meets the road; It’s where your production finds out what works and gets rolling. Navigation between the legal requirements of your delivery and identifying issues that need special attention is our specialty.


We research and prepare a report on the copyright history of a particular work. A lawyer can then use the copyright report to determine whether or not the work is still copyright-protected.

We then research the proposed title of your production and prepare a title report listing any other uses of that title. A lawyer can then use the title report to determine whether your proposed title is available for use on your production.



Review your television or film script for mentions of real people, locations, products, companies, organizations, or protected works; flag those mentions for legal review; and sometimes suggest fictional names to replace the real names (script clearance companies provide this service).


Research and suggest specific materials appropriate for your production (e.g., image researchers or picture researchers locate suitable photographs and visual images for your production).


Contact the rights owner and request permission for you to use music, quotes, images, film clips, etc.in your production and negotiate the license fees for those permissions.