Orenda Media Group‘s production team has an unrivaled reputation for developing and creating dramatic, highly visual programming for broadcast and cable networks.

Guitar Yarn – Qello Concerts

Yarna tale or fable, especially a long story of adventure or incredible happenings. Guitarists have long been known for the special bond they have with their instruments – Willie Nelson’s Trigger; B.B. King’s Lucille; Eric Clapton’s Blackie; Keith Richard’s Micawber are just a few of these infamous relationships. Guitar Yarn, a short intimate interview series, will sit down with some of the biggest musicians today to hear them yarn about their guitars – their first guitar, their most prized guitar, their most notable guitar. Shot within their creative space, where the magic happens, each episode will dive deep into what that connection is… a connection as unique and strong as any love. Guitar Yarn has partnered on this series with the non-profit, Hungry For Music. Hungry For Music’s is a charity organization that supports music education & cultural enrichment by acquiring & distributing quality musical instruments to underserved children with willing instructors and a hunger to play.

The Cupcake – YouTube TV

Crazy White Chicks – The comedic misadventures of three, hot, misguided hipster girls as they explore the silver linings of life’s many downfalls – like anorexia, depression, poverty, and drug addiction. Are the homeless really a burden on society or are they underutilized spiritual teachers? Homeless people are hungry, and monks fast. So homeless people are basically monks. Right?

The show focuses on Bethany’s unique philosophies. Bethany is never smug or self-righteous, but she believes she has life figured out and that it’s her mission to help others. However, implementing her ideas often comes with hilarious and unexpected consequences, and often leaves people worse off.

Against the Elements Trailer – Discovery Channel

Against the Elements reveals the science behind the most heart-stopping natural disasters ever captured on camera. Our groundbreaking forensic investigations reveal what caused these catastrophes and what has been learnt from past disasters to protect us in the future. Meet the people who survived against overwhelming odds. Their inspiring stories of heroism are revealed offering scientific explanations of the factors that caused these extraordinary disasters. We’ll talk to scientists and experts who’ve dedicated their lives to understanding these amazing natural phenomena. The forces of earth, water, wind and fire impact us all every day sometimes benignly, sometimes deadly. When exactly is the moment when ordinary weather turns extraordinary? Join Discovery Channel for this battle ‘Against the Elements’.

Tornado Rampage 2011 – Discovery Channel

Tornado Rampage finds the people who were pulled into the raging tornadoes and tells their stories first-hand, with remarkable and terrifying video footage they shot in the heat of the storm. Discovery Channel’s ‘Stormchaser’ Reed Timmer joins the hunt on the 27 April, tracking down the twisters as they form – with exclusive pictures of their progress across Alabama and Mississippi states.

Ridiculousness Trailer – MTV

Orenda Media Group‘s production team has an unrivaled reputation for developing and creating dramatic, highly visual programming for broadcast and cable networks.

Hosted by Rob Dyrdek, “Ridiculousness” takes the funniest amateur internet videos and builds them into an episode of edgy, funny, and most importantly, timeless television. Driven by Dyrdek, the core content of “Ridiculousness” are the videos framed by Rob’s unique style, pacing, and infectious energy. Rob breaks down the hottest clips, laughing along with co-hosts Sterling “Steelo” Brim and Chanel West Coast (Fantasy Factory’s rapping receptionist). Shot on a studio set with an audience of fans and celebrity guests such as Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass,” “Wildboyz”), Travis Pastrana (“Nitro Circus”), and Christopher “Big Black” Boykin (“Rob & Big”), “Ridiculousness” brings the best of the internet to MTV, taking the video clip show to the next level.